Vol 23, No 2 (2022)

The natural world in the arts of Indonesia and Southeast Asia II

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


Journeys and metaphors; Some preliminary observations about the natural world of seashore and forested mountains in epic "kakawin" PDF
Peter Worsley 262-287
"The wandering poet"; Depictions on ancient Javanese relief panels PDF
Lydia Kieven 288-336
Honey-bees, court ladies, and beekeeping in Java before 1500 CE PDF
Jiří Jákl 337-359
Creative "lifeworld" in Geriana Kauh Village; Intertwining of culture and nature during the pandemics in Bali PDF
LG. Saraswati Putri 360-384
Surviving the influenza; The use of traditional medicines to combat the Spanish flu in colonial Indonesia, 1918-1919 PDF
Ravando Ravando 385-414
"Belang" and "Kabata Banda"; The significance of nature in the "adat" practices in the Banda Islands PDF
Joëlla van Donkersgoed, Muhammad Farid 415-450
Primates and birds of "sabulungan"; Roles of animals in sculptures, shamanic songs and dances, and the belief system of traditional Mentawaians PDF
Juniator Tulius, Linda Burman-Hall 451-490
Tradition, ritual, and art of the "Baliatn"; The conceptualization of philosophy and the manifestation of spirituality among the Dayak Kanayatn PDF
Yudhistira Oscar Olendo, Jagad Aditya Dewantara, Efriani Efriani 491-518

Book review

Wim van den Doel, "SNOUCK; Het volkomen geleerdenleven van Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje" PDF
Dick van der Meij 519-521