Vol 22, No 3 (2021)

Reading Javanese literature; New directions

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


Purwaka PDF
Els Bogaerts, Tony Day iv-xvi
Rethinking the name; The problem of the name "Candrakiraṇa" in the oldest Javanese prosody PDF
Zakariya Pamuji Aminullah 535-557
Flora and fauna based on Old Javanese literary reading in the Malang Highlands Region PDF
Blasius Suprapta 558-581
When dad and mom are away from home...; "Panji Paniba" 11.20-45 PDF
Willem van der Molen 582-595
The song of Samsu Tabriz in Ronggasasmita’s "Suluk Acih" PDF
Nancy Florida 596-616
Prophets, "pegon", and piety; The Javanese "Layang Ambiya" PDF
Ronit Ricci 617-630
To fast or not to fast?; "Pangulu" Ki Amad Kategan challenges his sultan in the "Sĕrat Nitik Sultan Agung" PDF
Els Bogaerts 631-650
Princess Sodara Kartika frees Amir from prison; The epic of Amir Hamza (?16th century) PDF
Bernard Arps 651-674
A "wali’s" quest for guidance; The Islamic genealogies of the "Seh Mlaya" PDF
Verena Meyer 675-692
Metaphor in "Sĕrat cariyos ringgit purwa lampahan Dora Wĕca mawi sĕkar macapat" by Raden Mas Panji Arja Suparta PDF
Siti Muslifah 693-706
The poetry of minor characters and everyday life in the "Sĕrat Cĕnthini" PDF
Tony Day 707-726
The drum in the mosque; A modern short story by Djajus Pete PDF
George Quinn 727-743