Vol 22, No 2 (2021)

Languages of Nusantara II

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


From dugouts to double outriggers; Lexical insights into the development of Swahili nautical technology PDF
Martin Walsh 253-294
Language use and tourism in Yogyakarta; The linguistic landscape of Malioboro PDF
Anna Marietta da Silva, Yassir Nasanius Tjung, Sri Hapsari Wijayanti, Christiany Suwartono 295-318
Indonesian discourse particles in conversations and written text PDF
David-M. Karàj 319-337
Crossed control revisited; The structure and interpretations of “want” and so on + passive verb in Malay/Indonesian PDF
Hiroki Nomoto 338-364
Reciprocality in Papuan Malay PDF
Yusuf Sawaki 365-388
Dressed, undressed, or both; The case of Ewaw in Southeast Maluku PDF
Aone van Engelenhoven 389-418
The coming and going of "come" and "go"; Multi-verb directional motion constructions in Surinamese Javanese PDF
Sophie Villerius 419-438
Preserving and empowering local languages amidst the Covid-19 pandemic; Lessons from East Kalimantan PDF
Allan F. Lauder, Multamia RMT Lauder, Kiftiawati Kiftiawati 439-466
Practicalities of language data collection and management in and around Indonesia PDF
Marian Klamer, Owen Edwards, Hanna Fricke, Zoi Gialitaki, Francesca Moro, Axel Palmér, George Saad, Yunus Sulistyono, Eline Visser, Jiang Wu 467-521

PhD Thesis summary

A Grammar of Dhao; An endangered Austronesian language in Eastern Indonesia PDF
Jermy Balukh 522-533