Vol 21, No 3 (2020)

The art of giving meaning in translation

Table of Contents


The "kyai’s" voice and the Arabic Qur’an; Translation, orality, and print in modern Java PDF
Johanna Pink 329-359
Finding meaning in translation; A.L. Becker's “text coherence" PDF
Thomas M. Hunter 360-383
Mother’s tongue and father’s culture; A late nineteenth-century Javanese versification of Master Zhu’s Household Rules ("Zhuzi Zhijia geyan") PDF
Edwin P. Wieringa 384-407
Under the shadow of philology; Some notes on translating "Hikayat Seri Rama" for a modern non-academic audience PDF
Harry Aveling 408-423
Translation Ideology in literary translation; A case study of Bram Stoker’s "Dracula" translation into Indonesian PDF
Doni Jaya 424-445
English legalese translation into Indonesian PDF
Haru Deliana Dewi, Andika Wijaya, Rahayu S. Hidayat 446-474

PhD Thesis summary

Voice shift in the translation from Dutch into Indonesian PDF
Zahroh Nuriah 475-495

Book review

Stefan Danerek, "Kamus bahasa Palu’e – Indonesia" PDF
Nazarudin Nazarudin 496-498


In memoriam Sapardi Djoko Damono PDF
Riris K. Toha Sarumpaet 499-504
In memoriam Jacob Vredenbregt PDF
Dick van der Meij 505-506