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Vol 20, No 3 (2019)

Vol 20, No 3 (2019)

Society and history in Central and Southern Maluku

Table of Contents


The lives of things on Pulau Ujir; Aru’s engagement with commercial expansion PDF
Joss R. Whittaker 375-399
Oral traditions in cryptic song lyrics; Continuous cultural revitalization in Batuley PDF
A. Ross Gordon, Sonny A. Djonler 400-429
Tamalola; Transregional connectivities, Islam, and anti-colonialism on an Indonesian island PDF
Hans Hägerdal, Emilie Wellfelt 430-456
The pearl rush in Aru, 1916; A case study in writing commodity history in Southeast Asia PDF
Adrian Vickers 457-479
Between resistance and co-operation; Contact zones in Aru Islands in the VOC period PDF
Hans Hägerdal 480-506
Money and masohi; An anthropological review of copra commodity management PDF
Tony Rudyansjah, Ode Zulkarnain Sahji Tihurua 507-524
Human foraging responses to climate change; Here Sorot Entapa rockshelter on Kisar Island PDF
Hendri Asyhari Fajrian Kaharudin, Mahirta Mahirta, Shimona Kealy, Stuart Hawkins, Clara Boulanger, Sue O'Connor 525-559
A reflection on a peripheral movement; The “Save Aru” social movement 2013-2015 from a historical perspective PDF
Herdi Sahrasad, Al Chaidar, Maksum Syam 560-582

Book reviews

Ding Choo Ming and Willem van der Molen (eds), 2018, Traces of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in Javanese and Malay Literature PDF
Dick van der Meij 583-585
Yanwar Pribadi (2018), Islam, state and society in Indonesia; Local politics in Madura PDF
Choirul Mahfud 586-588
Mies Grijns, Hoko Horii, Sulistyowati Irianto, and Pinky Saptandari (eds), 2018, Menikah Muda di Indonesia; Suara, Hukum dan Praktik PDF
Solita Sarwono 589-591
Gerard Termorshuizen and Coen van ’t Veer (2018), Een groots en meeslepend leven; Dominique Berretty – Indisch persmagnaat PDF
Kees Snoek 592-594