Vol 19, No 2 (2018)

Malayic language studies

Table of Contents


The first standard grammar of Malay; George Werndly’s 1736 Maleische spraakkunst PDF
Waruno Mahdi 256-290
Utterance-final particles in Klang Valley Malay PDF
Tom Gunner Hoogervorst 291-326
Notes on structural distinctions in Malay dialects PDF
Alexander Ogloblin 327-341
Investigating Indonesian conversation; Approach and rationale PDF
Michael Carter Ewing 342-374
Sound-changes and loanwords in Sungai Penuh Kerinci PDF
Hein Steinhauer 375-407
Regular sound change; The evidence of a single example PDF
Alexander Adelaar 408-424
The Sekujam language of West Kalimantan (Indonesia) PDF
James Collins, Herpanus Herpanus 425-458

Book reviews

Book review: Toys for the souls; Life and art on the Mentawai Islands PDF
Juniator Tulius 459-462
Batik Jawa bagi Dunia; Javanese Batik to the World PDF
Lilawati Kurnia 463-465