Vol 19, No 1 (2018)

Language and culture in Java and its environs

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


Irrealis, aspect, and complementation in Old Javanese PDF
Thomas M. Hunter 1-35
Losing the battle; The marginalization of Javanese compact forms PDF
Aris Munandar 36-57
Polite vocabulary in the Javanese language of Surabaya PDF
Daniel Krauße 58-99
Wòlak-waliké jaman; Exploring contemporary Walikan in public space PDF
Nurenzia Yannuar 100-121
The description of the di– passive construction in dialectal Javanese PDF
Noor Malihah 122-148
The development of the English-type passive in Balinese PDF
Hiroki Nomoto 149-167
The compartmentalization of languages and identities among nationalist youth in Semarang PDF
Kristian Tamtomo 168-190
The expression of location and space in Surinamese and Indonesian Javanese PDF
Sophie Villerius 191-218
Perception of English vowels by Javanese and Sundanese speakers; A mouse-tracking study PDF
Arum Perwitasari 219-234
Behind the Eco-friendliness of “batik warna alam”'; Discovering the motives behind the production of batik in Jarum village, Klaten PDF
Widhi Handayani, Augustinus Ignatius Kristijanto, Arianti Ina Restiani Hunga 235-256