Vol 18, No 2 (2017)

Chinese Indonesians in historical perspective II

Table of Contents


Acknowledgement PDF


The Chinese-Indonesian collections in the National Museum of World Cultures, the Netherlands PDF
Francine Brinkgreve, Johanna Leijfeldt 275-314
Chinese photographers and their clientele in the Netherlands Indies, 1890-1940 PDF
Liesbeth Ouwehand 315-342
Chinese correspondence in Dutch East Indies (1865-1949) PDF
Tjong Han Siem 343-384
The Kai Ba Lidai Shiji 开吧历代史记 An autonomous history of the Chinese community of Batavia/ Jakarta in the VOC period PDF
Leonard Blussé 385-401
Sajarah Cina A nineteenth-century apology in Javanese PDF
Willem van der Molen 402-421
Bangsawan prampoewan Enlightened Peranakan Chinese women from early twentieth century Java PDF
Didi Kwartanada 422-454
Dr Oen Boen Ing Patriot doctor, social activist, and doctor of the poor PDF
Ravando Lie 455-484
Culture, power and identity The case of Ang Hien Hoo, Malang PDF
Melani Budianta 485-513
Chinese taukeh, labourer, and state control Case study of panglong in eastern region of Sumatra (1890-1930) PDF
Erwiza Erman 514-539
An early story of Kho Ping Hoo PDF
CW Watson 540-555
Pecinan as an inspiration The contribution of Chinese Indonesian architecture to an urban environment PDF
Wiwi Tjiook 556-580