Vol 17, No 2 (2016)

Stories and storytelling in Indonesia I

Table of Contents


Preface PDF


Why do they (still) sing stories? Singing narratives in Tanjung Bunga (eastern Flores, Lamaholot, Indonesia) PDF
Dana Rappoport 163-190
A tale of narrative annexation Stories from Kisar Island (Southwest Maluku, Indonesia) PDF
Aone van Engelenhoven, Nazarudin Nazarudin 191-231
Hul Topol - Fall of the Moon A narrative of etiologies from the Bunaq of Lamaknen PDF
Antoinette Schapper 232-250
The Sugi sakit Ritual storytelling in a Saribas Iban rite of healing PDF
Clifford Sather 251-277
Dairi storytelling and stories in the Batak Reader of Herman Neubronner van der Tuuk PDF
Clara Brakel Papenhuyzen 278-302
Images of God in Toba Batak storytelling PDF
Johann Angerler 303-335
The pig story (tiboi sakkoko) Storytelling of kinship, memories of the past, and rights to plots of ancestral land in Mentawai PDF
Juniator Tulius 336-373

Book reviews

Uli Kozok, A 14th century Malay Code of Laws; The Nītisārasamuccaya. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies PDF
Tom Hoogervorst 374-376